Commercial Plumbing

As we provide professional operatives on works for Legionella (A.C.O.P L8) for local authority, Premises Managers Of All Property Types & Office Buildings.

We are fully aware of your requirements to meet the current rules and regulations.

  • Our tasks in this field include:
  • Full and part monitoring programmes
  • Inspections and sampling
  • Tank cleaning and disinfection
  • Tank relining
  • Tank replacements
  • Tmv (Thermostatic Mixer Valve) fitting and servicing
  • Shower de-scaling
  • Insulation
  • Un-vented hot water and vented hot water systems fitting and servicing
  • Filter fitting
  • Risk assessments
  • System upgrades

All plumbing works Inclusive Of Industrial,Commercial & Domestic Gas.

Film Set Plumbing In Greenwich